Yorkshire Festival: The Hunt

to everyone that took part in The Hunt!

The Hunt was a puppet-filled, puzzle-fuelled treasure hunt. Funded by Yorkshire Festival 2014, the hunt led intrepid families through five historic locations across Yorkshire.

“Use your powers of deduction and your sense of direction and prepare to meet some colourful puppet characters as an intriguing search for treasure unfolds… there’s a fantastic and unique prize in it for one lucky family!”

Click here to meet the WINNER!

Frolicked’s The Hunt
was a live treasure hunt event that took place across five venues on five dates in the run up to the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Yorkshire in summer 2014. Participants of the hunt had the opportunity to win a special, valuable and completely unique, Tour de France-inspired prize, made by Emma White at The Jewellery Makers.


The hunt took the form of five mini treasure hunts on five different days, each attached to a specific location of historical interest:

Locations Dates Times
Worsbrough Mill Monday 26th May 11am – 1pm and
2pm – 4pm
Knaresborough Castle Friday 30th May 11am – 1pm and
2pm – 4pm
Dean Clough Mills Saturday 7th June 11.30am – 1.30pm and
2.30pm – 4.30pm
Rotherham Library Saturday 14th June 10am – 12pm and
1pm – 3pm
All 4 clues give you the final location! Clue 3 tells you what day! Clue 2 tells you when!

The prize at each of the first four locations included one quarter of a final clue that revealed a final (secret!) location. Players combined all four ‘cluelets’ to find the last location. If they cracked the clue, they’d know where to go and when in order to have the chance at winning the final prize.

Cluelets were available online very shortly after each live mini hunt (via the Yorkshire Festival 2014 website and the Frolicked website), so that anyone who joined the treasure hunt at any point could still join the final hunt for the big prize.

Each mini hunt involved interaction with one of Frolicked’s colourful puppet characters. Players were asked to look out for them – they were the key to success in solving each mini hunt. Participants could be lucky enough to encounter a lively set of rare birds, a gorgeous ghost and a down-to-earth Yorkshire couple with more than a few stories to tell…

Terms and conditions of the Hunt are here.

Aimed at families with children 7+


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