The Hunt 2014: Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for The Hunt 2014

  • To take part on any of The Hunt days, you must sign up at the registration desk, even if you have completed one or more of the other hunt days.
  • Across all 4 events, there is a maximum capacity of 2000 people. Therefore, we will cap participation at each event at 500 people (or 250 per game).
  • Each mini hunt will take place strictly between the times advertised. We will not allow players to continue once each game has ended. Discretion will be down to the front of house manager (Beka Haigh).
  • Anyone who is employed by Frolicked, any of the participating venues and local councils, or Welcome to Yorkshire is ineligible to win the grand prize (but may still participate in the hunt).
  • Instructions on how to play will be provided at each venue. If you get stuck, please feel free to ask for help from any front of house staff wearing a ‘here to help’ badge.
  • Please be advised that the Hunt is aimed at families with children aged 7+, but families are more than welcome to bring younger children.
  • For your safety and the safety of other players, please be mindful of other players and those visiting the venue that do not wish to be part of the hunt. There will be other visitors at each location. Each venue has its own health and safety regulations and there will be a first aider on site. If an accident occurs, please report immediately to the registration desk.
  • Everyone who completes any hunt day will receive a gold token as part of their mini prize, along with a clue to point you in the right direction for the final, secret location. Only those who have completed at least one mini hunt, and received a token, will be eligible to play the final mini hunt for the chance to win the grand prize.
  • The grand prize is NOT buried!! The final mini hunt is a collect and make-based task. The prize will be awarded at the discretion of the puppets (i.e. the performers) on the day. Performers will vote for their favourite creation. If there is a tie, the final decision will be made by the front of house manager (Beka Haigh).
  • Please do not remove clues from their specific locations. In order for everyone to enjoy each mini hunt, the clues need to stay where they have been placed.
  • Clues that point to the final, secret location will be posted online around 24 hours after each hunt day. Please visit to find out more.
  • Please feel free to tweet about your Hunt: we’re @frolicked and the Hunt is #TheHunt2014