Seeing Red

Seeing Red is a modern retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood tale, full of red-related surprises, a pinch of feminism and a mini mob of original puppet characters; all crammed into one large, furry suitcase!

A rib cage woodland emerges from the folds of the trunk’s fur and Red meets the wolf, formed from the innards and outers of the trunk itself. As Gran and Red contemplate their fate inside the wolf’s stomach, a flash of motivation leads our heroine to ‘see red’ and plan a dramatic escape…

This is a show that reminds all children that it’s okay to be angry and that little girls have just as much courage as anyone else. Including the big bad wolf!

Commissioned by Applause Rural Touring with support from Arts Council England and Wandsworth Arts Fringe.

– 2 performers
– 20 – 25 minute static show
– Up to 3 times a day
– No spoken words

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