Nótt is a moon-carrying, fortune-telling, night-time goddess chaperoned by a pair of enchanted companions.

In Norse mythology and in very old English pagan traditions, Nótt is the goddess of the night; the personification of the night sky.

Commissioned by Stellar Projects for their 2016 event Nightfall with additional technological elements commissioned by Right Up Our Street for DN Festival of Light in 2018, Frolicked has crafted our own version of Nótt as a spectacular, lit, roaming puppet sculpture – a moon-bearing, rune-casting, fortune-teller, who enchants her audiences with the lightning in her hair, the starlight on her costume, and the gentle sway of the orb she dutifully carries.

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Our half-sized goddess is accompanied by her English-speaking interpreter, a talking crow, who sits in his own enchanted tree. From the same mythology, crows were considered as messengers, and when the night raven appeared, he was said to be a captured spirit in crow form (hence the ability to communicate with humans).

Nótt is not only an unusual and spectacular sight, but she can also read (and hand over) a simple, illustrated fortune as a gift for those who choose to interact with her, giving a tiny, hand-drawn glimpse into how the celestial heavens affect our lives on earth.

  • 2 performers
  • 45 minute walkabout performance
  • 3 times a day
  • English

Please read Beka’s blog post about the technology we have incorporated in Nótt’s costume, or have a peek at the following video:

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