Granny’s Gallery: Instructions

Granny’s Gallery is a treasure hunt that is designed to be played in YOUR home. Gran needs your help to facilitate the hunt, by following the instructions below and downloading and printing or copying out all the relevant materials (from the PDFs below).

There are 7 clues to find and 7 tasks to complete. The aim of Granny’s Gallery is to find all the clues and complete all the tasks before tea time…

Each child also has the opportunity of submitting any of the artwork they make in the tasks set to be featured in Granny’s Gallery, although they must have your permission to do so. Either take a picture or submit video footage of the things they would like to add to the gallery and send to Beka at If the files are large, please send via using the same email address.

Please read the following instructions carefully and in full!

Here are the clues: CLUES.pdf

Here are the tasks: TASKS.pdf

Here are a couple of blank picture frames with a plaque so your child can write their name on any artwork they produce: LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT

Print or copy this out to help you facilitate the hunt (and give your children extra help if they get stuck): REFER TO THIS WHEN PLAYING!

Here is where the clues should be hidden:

  • CLUE 1 is given to players after TASK 1 is complete
  • CLUE 2 should be hidden in or near a shoe
  • CLUE 3 should be hidden near a mirror
  • CLUE 4 should be hidden under a table or chair leg
  • CLUE 5 should be hidden near a mobile phone / tablet
  • CLUE 6 should be hidden behind a tap
  • CLUE 7 should be hidden under a pillow
  • The WELL DONE certificates (contains 2 x certificates on the linked pdf) should be hidden near a curtain

Here is where the TASKS should be hidden:

  • TASK 1 is the first thing given to willing participants (!) after watching Gran’s introduction video
  • TASK 2 should be hidden with CLUE 2
  • TASK 3 should be hidden with CLUE 3 and so on…

Gran has tried to include locations and items that you can find in almost every home, but some tasks require more resources than others. Things you’ll need:

  • Something to take photos / videos with, such as a mobile phone
    (which you can then send to Gran via
  • A printer (or a pen and paper if you don’t have a printer, to copy out the clues and tasks yourself)
  • Something that can play your child’s favourite music (in order to make up a dance routine)
  • Access to the internet to visit a series of web pages (for Gran’s videos and for one of the tasks)
  • A few sheets of paper (you can use our blank picture frames for any artwork if you want to – you’ll need to download and print them yourself).
  • Bubble mix
    Makes 350ml. 5 minutes prep.
    Mix 50 ml (one part) washing up liquid with 300ml (six parts) water
  • Crayons / colouring pencils / ordinary pencil / pens / felt pens – any kind of art materials

Starting the treasure hunt…

Watch Gran’s first video

Follow the instructions on this handy cheat sheet: ADULTS – REFER TO THIS WHEN PLAYING!

This treasure hunt is commissioned by Oldham Council and Take Part. Find out more at

If you’re posting your work from Granny’s Gallery on social media, please use the following hashtags: #takepartoldham #loveOldham #galleryoldham @frolicked (on Facebook and on Twitter) and @frolickedtheatre (on Instagram).

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