Granny’s Gallery

Granny’s Gallery is a brand new, task-filled treasure hunt that you can play in your own home (with a bit of help from your nearest adult)!

The aim of Granny’s Gallery is to find all 7 clues and complete all 7 tasks before tea time… and then submit your own artwork to be featured in the gallery below!

If you’d like (and you have permission from a parent or guardian), you can add the artwork you make (photos or videos of the tasks you complete as part of Granny’s Gallery) to this web page. Just ask your nearest adult to help you photograph and / or film your work and send it in to Gran’s helper, Beka at If the files are large, please send via using the same email address.

Parents and Guardians: all the clues, tasks and instructions you’ll need to set up the hunt can be found here.


Here is Gran’s dance task:

WELL DONE to all those who have completed the hunt!

This treasure hunt is commissioned by Oldham Council and Take Part. Find out more at

If you’re posting your work from Granny’s Gallery on social media, please use the following hashtags: #takepartoldham #loveOldham #galleryoldham @frolicked (on Facebook and on Twitter) and @frolickedtheatre (on Instagram).

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