About Us

Frolicked is an outdoor theatre company specialising in unique, visually striking experiences for outdoor audiences and unusual locations. Captivating people of all ages and nationalities, and featuring beautifully crafted characters, our self-devised shows and games are interactive, engaging and a little bit magical…

Frolicked has amassed a catalogue of innovative outdoor puppetry work that has toured across Europe. Our growing family of original puppets includes: a glowing Victorian ghost (Tabitha), a hygiene obsessed usher (Arthur), a well-travelled octogenarian Yorkshire couple (because you’re Never Too Old), a pair of mischievous, legless sprites (in the form of Boggarts), a flock of beautiful birds, a giant-fly-pestered Alchemist and, commissioned by Stellar Projects, a Norse goddess and her enchanted companions (Nótt).

We have also devised a series of puppet interventions: a darkly different nature trail for woodlands across the North of England (A Walk in the Woods), a 5 day cross-county treasure hunt for Yorkshire, a town-wide outdoor gaming experience featuring a set of rare birds (The Birds: the game), a rat infested murder mystery (Who killed the rats?) originally made for Theatre Deli’s Horror Souk and a ratty commentary on modern society housed inside a giant wedge of cheese (The Rat Race).

Our work continues to develop in surprising ways, taking inspiration from new technologies and emerging forms of performance.

Have you ever been Frolicked?

Frolicked is run by Beka Haigh, a director, puppet maker and performer based in Yorkshire. As well as designing and performing for Frolicked, Beka has worked as a deviser, maker and performer for a number of theatre companies and arts organisations.

Frolicked was founded in 2007 by Beka Haigh and Rachel Wakelin-Kirby.

Beka and Frolicked have received kind support from:


Frolicked is a member of:


Frolicked also works (and has worked) with a number of talented performers and artists including:

Mary O’Neill – impeccable performer, deviser and maker
Katy-Anne Bellis – beautiful performer and deviser
Ian Broscomb – amazing sculptor
Penny Cunningham – stupendous performer and technician
Robbie Coke-Woods – astounding performer
Matthew Gott – gorgeous performer and collaborator
Campbell Innes – fantabulous performer and deviser
Nikki Mailer – wondrous performer
Nick Mitchell – mysterious maker and performer
Dan Powers – intelligent composer and technician
Gareth Price-Baghurst – musician and performer of Fabularium fame
Hatty Settle – brilliant filmmaker
and the lovely Rachel Wakelin-Kirby – devisor and performer